Miners Killed in the Castle Gate Mine Explosion

March 8, 1924

The following is a list of the men who were killed in the Castle Gate Mine Explosion. The birth, burial, spouse, mother and father information is taken from the cemetery survey records. Name variations are in parentheses. The information that is in BLUE was found on the death certificates for these individuals. Death certificates for Utah 1904-1964 are available on the Utah Department of Administrative Services Division of Archives & Records Service webpage. If you are related to these individuals you should verify information with the death certificate. Do not use this index as documentation since the certificates are hand written spelling of names, places and dates could be transcribed incorrectly. If there is a notation that refers to NAT record it is an abbreciation for Naturalization Record. If you have any questions or additions to be make to the list please contact Kathy Hamaker. For more information about the mine explosion read Castle Gate Mine Explosion. also see Greek Miners Get their Due 81 years after their deaths.

Acord, S.V. (Samuel Valentine) May 28, 1869
30 May 1869
Cedar Fort, Utah Mary Johnson / Vera Valentine Acord & Mary Frost Castle Dale, Emery, UT  
Alexander, Prince 53 in 1920   single   Castle Gate  
Ambrosia, Joe 42 in 1920 Italy Ramarina Amanati
Katarina Amarat
  Castle Gate  
Ambrosia, Nick 36 yrs old Italy couldn't read it / Brigida John Ambrosio & Parmalia Scorfino Mt. Calvery cemetery in S.L.C.  
Anderson, David Rees 1 Feb 1900 Wales, Sanpete, UT single Peter Christian Anderson & Hannah Williams Rees Wales, Sanpete, UT Jade Shelley.
Anderson, John Rees 1 Feb 1895 Wales, Sanpete, UT Maren Mitchell Peter Christian Anderson & Hannah Williams Rees Wales, Sanpete, UT Jade Shelley
Andrakis, Steve 24 years old Greece single Gus Andrakis & Ellen Price, Carbon, UT  
Aquila, Nick 8 Aug 1890 Casino, Catanzaro, Italy Teresa Tallerico Jas Aquila & unknown Castle Gate Tony Aquila
Avery, Kenneth William 6 Oct 1902 Murray, Salt Lake, Utah single Vernile Thomas & Caroline Gudrun Arnason Avery Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah  
Beck, Levi T. Nov 3, 1892 Spanish Fork, Utah, UT Iva Pearl Huff Alfred R.N. Beck & Sophia Erson Spanish Fork, Utah, UT  
Berg, Cyrl (Cirillo Bergamaschi) Jan 26, 1897 Italy single John Berg & Angelo Chirioli Helper  
Berg, Emil (Emilio Bergamaschi) Oct 22, 1896 Italy single John Berg & Angelo Chirioli Helper  
Berry, William Andrew May 14, 1884 Kanarraville, Iron, UT Mary Ethel Williams William S. Berry & Lovina S. Sylverster Kanarraville, Iron, UT  
Bertoglio, Dom (Dom Bertolio) Feb 8, 1876 Pratilone, Italy Caroline
Bertoglio, Mike (Mike Bertolio) Jan 6, 1906 Norris, Illinois
single Dominico Bertoglio & Katy Gerotti Helper  
Bodily, Joseph Irving Jan 3, 1900 Vernal, Uintah, UT Florence Karen Smith Joseph H. Bodily & Mary Alice Fisher Vernal, Utah  
Botonakis, Tony (Antonios Botonakis) 35 yrs old Greece single Angelo Botanakis & Maria Prcolakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Buzas, John 34 yrs old Greece Mary Grelakis Cyostalis Buzas & C. Paffedakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Calivas, Gust 29 yrs old Greece single John Calivas & Argene    
Camperides, Michael 36 yrs old Hania, Crete, Greece Koula Matanakis Harotes Camperides Price, Carbon, UT  
Cappellellitt, J. (Guiseppi (James) Cappelletti) 26 Jul 1898 Turbico, Milano, Italy single Antonio Cappelletti & Giovannino Mazzucchelli Helper  
Cappelletti, Mario 35 yrs old Italy Josephine Nava / Guisseppina Louis Cappelletti & Mary Bodini Helper  
Casselli, Joe 1878
45 yrs old
Italy Victoria Priano   Price, Carbon, UT  
Cirbairo, Bert (Bartolomeo Cibrario) 1 Jan 1903 Usseglio, Turino, Italy single not known Helper  
Cox, Edward Beattie 5 Aug 1865 Wooley, Durham, England Martha Reese Thomas Cox & Jane Beattie Castle Gate Lisa Trudo
Crow, Robert 1 May 1883 Lucas, Lucas, IA Sarah Ethel Wilcox David Crow & Janet Frew Castle Gate  
Dacemos, Mike
Domanakis, Mike
34 in 1920
28 yrs old
Greece single Christ Domanakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Dallas, Jim
s/b Dellas, Jim
real name Dimitrios Aggelakis
10 Jul 1889 Greece couldn't read it / Caliope Geo Dallas & Christi Durakis Price, Carbon, UT Peter Dellas
Damanakis, M. (Michael Damadakis)
Docemos, Mike
36 yrs old Crete, Greece single Ni.. Docemos & Mary Vacelakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Davis, John R. 28 Sep 1884
18 Sep 1884
Scofield, Emery, UT Ethel Christopherson Christmas Davis & Mary Ann Reec Castle Gate  
Delaby, Ernest 16 Feb 1894 Belgium Edith Bessie Thompson Francis (or Joseph) Delaby & Maria Pertumer Castle Gate  
Dodd, Harry 19 Oct 1902 England Georgina Anderson Bob Dodd & Anne Forster Price, Carbon, UT  
Dodd, Robert 13 Jul 1874 Wales, Sanpete, UT Anne Foster William Dodd & Cathrina Rodinc.. Price, Carbon, UT  
Dunis, Pete (Peter Dunas) 35 years old Crete, Greece single   Price, Carbon, UT  
Evans, David R. 16 Jan 1884 Winter Quarters, Emery, UT Annie E. Nielson William Evans & Lebelia Reese Castle Gate  
Evans, Franklyn R. 8 Jul 1907 Castle Gate, Carbon, UT single David R. Evans & Annie C. Nielson Castle Gate  
Fieldsted (Fjelsted) , Frank 35 years old
2 Mar 1889
Ferron, Emery, Utah Margaret Bjarnson Peter C. & Esther Fjelsted Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah  
Fieldsted (Fjelsted) , George 29 Sep 1890
29 Aug 1890
Ferron, Emery Co., UT Doritha Leora Law Peter C. Fieldsted & Esther R. Taylor Boneta, Duchesne, UT  
Fullmer, George W. 29 Dec 1864 Springville, UT Katy Fail John S. Fullmer & Mary Ann Stephenson Orangeville, Emery, UT  
Fullmer, George Loren 31 Oct 1896 Orangeville, Emery, UT Lenora Warren George W. Fullmer & Katy Fail Orangeville, Emery, UT  
Garegnani, Tony 10 Aug 1895 Italy Enchuttu Columbo / Enrichetta Angelo Garegnani & Tabella Yincinga    
Garroch, Peter 19 Aug 1884 Crosshouse, Scotland Jessie Patterson Wm. Garroch, Sr. & Annie McCannicher Castle Gate Marty Oakeson
Garroch, William Sr. 27 Nov 1881 Scotland Helen Littlejohn   Castle Gate Marty Oakeson
Gialitakis, Louis 36 yrs old Crete, Greece single Geo Gialitakis & Maria Tgangaroulakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Gianni, Steve (Steve Gianini) Gionini 29 Jul 1874 Italy Margherita Carera Mike Gionini Castle Gate  
Gilbert, Andrew 26 May 1852 East Damside, Lanark, Scotland Mary Ann Donaldson Andrew Davidson & Christina Aikman Gilbert City cemetery, S.L.C., Utah Karen Williams.
Gittins, Basil 29 Nov 1877 Wales
Somerset, England
Annie Williams Samuel Gittens & Annie Gallug Castle Gate  
Gittins, Brindley A. 29 Jan 1901 Wales Elsie Mills Basil Gittins & Annie Williams Castle Gate  
Glenidas, Andrew (Andreas Gleniadakis) 32 yrs old Crete, Greece single John Glenidas Price, Carbon, UT  
Hardee, Alma Nephi 22 Jul 1878 Llangnor, Glam., Wales Mary Margaret Jones Thomas Hardee & Mary Jones Castle Gate - body moved to Price Janice Young
Harrison, George 3 Sep 1895 Hindley Green, Lancsh., England Delma Sims Thomas Fairhurst Harrison & Margaret A. Sneddon Price, Carbon, UT
Heber, Utah
Harrison, Norman 19 Oct 1899 Leigh, Lancsh., England Delia Worthington Thomas Fairhurst & Margaret Alice Sneddon Price, Carbon, UT
Nephi, Utah
Harrison, Thomas Fairhurst 10 May 1866 Haydoc, Lansc., England Margaret Alice Seddon George Thomas Harrison & Margaret Fairhurst Price, Carbon, UT  
Head, Ernest 15 Jul 1878 on draft reg. rec. not known widowed: W. Edith Wyilie not known Ft. Smith, Ark.  
Henderson, Archie J. 61 yrs old Virginia Myrtle Preston Henderson Castle Gate  
Hilton, John Sr. 17 Jul 1878 England Jane Tyrer Jos. Hilton & Elizabeth Williams Castle Gate  
Huff, John Allen 27 in 1920 - 12 May 1890 on draft Reg. - obit says 12 May 1891 Lake Shore, Utah Maud Elliott Isaac Huff & Alice Green Spanish Fork, Utah  
Huff, John William Jr. 37 years old
18 Jul 1886
Lake Shore, Utah Emma Noakes John William & Vilate Christmas Simpson Huff Spanish Fork, Utah  
Ingram, Joseph A. 3 Jan 1889 or 1890 Pioneer Hill Cemetery, Overton, Nevada marriedNaomi Wood George Ingram & Eliza Roundy Overton, Nevada  
Ingram, T. L. 27 Mar 1901 Overton, Nevada single George Ingram & Eliza R. Roundy Overton, Nevada  
Inouye, Fukuzo 38 yrs old Japan single   Price, Carbon, UT  
Jacoby, Samuel Rush 21 Apr 1897 Alva, Woods, Oklahoma Florence Gledhill Peter Cortwright Jacoby & Bertha Dennison Castle Gate  
James, Charles 35 years old Kansas Leona Carpenter D.L. James Castle Gate  
Johnson, Bryan 20 Jun 1897 Mapleton, Utah, UT Hazel Agnes Clark Aaron Johnson & Louisa Meletiah Whiting Mapleton, Utah, UT
Kathy Castillo.
Jones, Edwin Lewis 2 Apr 1857 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales Mary L. John Jones & Mary Olsen (Lewis) Castle Gate Tom Lewis
Jones, Frances 2 Mar 1897 Huntington, Emery, UT Inda M. Elisha Warren Jones & Jane Ann Pierce Huntington, Emery, UT  
Kanakakis, George (Karos) abt 35 yrs old Greece single not known Price, Carbon, UT  
Kappas, George (George B. Kopis 42 yrs old Greece Cateriny J. Mpampakas I. Kappous Price, Carbon, UT  
Karozis, Demetrios (Jim) 1881
abt 32
Greece single   Price, Carbon, UT  
Katsanevakis, Mike (Emanuel Michael) 1887
abt 37 yrs old
  Mary Venrtakis Andrew Katsanavas & Annie Purfanakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Kimball, Martin 11 Nov 1880 Austria Mary Rochivar   Castle Gate  
Kirby, Joseph 7 May 1902 England single Walter G. Kirby & Anna Bennett Castle Gate (possibly died in hunting accident)  
Kirby, Walter George 9 May 1878 England Anna Bennett Jos. Kirby & Harriet Davis Castle Gate  
Koda, J. (Zenta or Zendayu Koda) 2 Mar 1862 Japan single   Price, Carbon, UT  
Kyriakos Kalantjis (Charles Kiriakos Kolenos) abt 38 yrs old   single   Price, Carbon, UT  
Komfosch, Andrew (Andro or Andrew Komposh) 1886
36 yrs old
Ratece 18
Ratschach, Austria
Helen Josephine Branc
27 May 1923 in Castle Gate
Father: Matevz Komposh
Mother: Franca Oman
Helper, Carbon, UT Magdalena Petric
Kondarakis, Steve
45 yrs old Crete, Greece single Pete Kontarios & Ellen Dokarnakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Kontorinis, John (Joramis) abt 32 not known single not known Price, Carbon, UT  
Kopakis, Jim (Kopokis) 30 yrs old Greece Sofia V-- Constantine Kopakis & Vasulike M-- Price, Carbon, UT  
Koukourakis, Pantelis (Angelo P.) 40 years old Greece single   Price, Carbon, UT  
Kourgentakis, John (Joannis Kourgiantis)
37 yrs old Crete, Greece single Bill Kourgastis & Cathrine Kladakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Kulezakis, George   Greece single   Price, Carbon, UT  
Lazaro, Charles (Silviano J. Lazano) abt 30 Italy married / Teresa   Price, Carbon, UT
Helper, Carbon, UT
Lee, George E. (Evan) 26 Feb 1896 Bunkerville, Clark, Nevada Lillian L. Ingram George Washington Lee & Patience Jones Overton, Nevada  
Logios, Konstantinos Gust (Constantine Logias) Abt 40 Crete, Greece single   Price, Carbon, UT  
Loukas, Gust (Konstantinos) Mar 1886 Calithes, Sperhiss, Greece single Dimitrius Lucas Price, Carbon, UT  
Malax, Tony (Antonios Malaxainakis) 21 yrs old Greece Krissi Bodalanis Jim Malax Price, Carbon, UT  
Manoukarakis, Aetou
Tom Manos
28 yrs old Crete, Greece single Geo. Manos & Stella Bikakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Marchetti, John 45 yrs old Italy single Joseph & Margaret Costonia Marchetti Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Markakis, George K. 18 Feb 1890 Greece (?) Kaurakis / Eirine K. unknown Price, Carbon, UT  
Markakis, Manousos (Mike) 38 years old Greece single   Price, Carbon, UT  
Mascaro, Ben 18 Mar 1892 Italy Aquline DeRose   Helper  
Mathioudakis, Gust (Kanstantinos Matheoudakis) May 1888 Crete, Greece Anastasias Myredakis Mick Mathiodes & Catherine Kaligakis Price, Carbon, UT  
McCluskey, John 26 May 1888 Fleming, Crawford, Kansas Mary Elizabeth Gilbert James Kirkpatrick McCluskey & Isabella Wright City Cemetery, SLC, Utah  
McDonald, Otto 28 May 1897 Heber City, UT Lilly Smith / Millie Jos. S. McDonald & Mary Jones Heber, Utah  
Mihos, Thomas Athosios 10 Feb 1885 Greece Leona Smith Apostulos Mihos Price, Carbon, UT  
Mitchell (Mitsopaulos), George 26 in 1920 Greece Lyon, Lucille Hansin John Mitchell Price, Carbon, Utah  
Morrison, Daniel McNair 26 Sep 1905 Sunnyside, Carbon, UT single William Watt Morrison & Margaret Eglinton McNair Price, Carbon, UT  
Morrison, James 9 Sep 1907 Sunnyside, Carbon, UT single William Watt Morrison & Margaret Eglinton McNair Price, Carbon, UT  
Morrison, William Watt Sr. 23 Jun 1869 Strathaven, Lanark, Scotland Margaret Eglinton McNair Isabella Morrison Price, Carbon, UT  
Murphy, James 28 May 1888 Leavenworth, Kansas Nellie Hampson John Murhpy & Bridget Shaw Wasatch Lawn Cemetery, SLC, UT  
Nakamura, T. 38 yrs old Japan single unknown City Cemetery, SLC  
Neil, Oscar Farrel 26 Mar 1899 Coalville, Summit, UT Vida Matson William James Neil & Ellen Edmondson Park City, Summit, UT  
Nickolaris (Nicolaris), Steve abt 30 Greece single unknown Price, Carbon, UT  
Paizis (Paizakis), Nick 1888 Katsifariana, Greece Georgia Baskaki Vasilli & Maria Kaskallakis Paizakis Price, Carbon, UT Jim Paizis
Palioudakis, John (Tzanis Palloudakis) or Paillos, John 39 yrs old Crete, Greece single Nick Paillos & Parickwi Roskis Price, Carbon, UT  
Pallas, Steve (Telios Palloudakis) 34 yrs old Crete, Greece single Pavlos N. Palloulakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Pappas, Steve 28 Jul 1891 Greece Anna Ruth Curtis Ernest R. Pappas Price, Carbon, UT Melissa Cheek. and Rick & Billy
Park, Y.S. 43 yrs old Korea single unknown Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Pattello, Pete (Pietro Patella) 34 yrs old Italy Armenia Caruso Jos. Pattello & Rosena DeCaro Helper, Carbon, UT  
Pellegrino, Ben (Bruno) 2 Mar 1889 Italy Rosie Ciminie ? Pallegrino & Annie Conihi Mt. Calvery Cem. SLC, UT  
Pelly, Thomas Sr. 28 Apr 1883 Wigan, England Catherine Rigby Francis & Mary Elizabeth Pelly Castle Gate, Carbon, UT Jonathon David Pelly
Pelly, Thomas Jr. 15 Feb 1906 Wigan, England single Thomas Pelly Sr. & Catherine Rigby Castle Gate, Carbon, UT Jonathon David Pelly
Perkins, Edwin (Teddy) 23 Aug 1888
28 Aug 1887
Athenton, England Mary Martin Frank Perkins Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Perkins, Neil 23 Jan 1891 Gunnison, UT Isabella K. Young Daniel Perkins & Martha Erickson Price, Carbon, UT  
Perpinakis, Tony (Antonios Perpanos) about 35 Greece married / single unknown Price, Carbon, UT  
Petric, Alois (Patrick, Louis on DC) 20 Jun 1889 Ratece 18
Ratschach, Austria
single Father: Jakob Petric
Mother: Maria Kerstein
Helper, UT Magdalena Petric
Phelps, William Harris 28 Aug 1879 unknown Margaret Janet Baird unknown Price, Carbon, UT  
Piccolo, Frank 1882 Castelsilano, Italy Mary / Vincinzina Reco Artua Piccolo Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Pollock, William Wallace 5 May 1875 Quitchpaw, Iron, UT Kanarra Zina Ett Parker Joseph Henry Pollock & Melinda Elizabeth Roundy Kanarraville, Iron, UT  
Preano, James 10 Apr 1895 Italy Maude Richards unknown Price, Carbon, UT  
Psaroudakis, John G.(George on NAT record) abt 42 (14 Sep 1875 on NAT record) Crete, Greece single Geo Psaros & Vaselina Zachnakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Quilter, Charles Hyrum 4 May 1896 Birdwell, Yorkshire, England Rebecca Pollock Harry Quilter & Eliza Ann Powell Tropic, Garfield, Utah  
Reese, Thomas Levi 16 Aug 1865 Abercancaid, Glamorgan, Wales Margaret Ann Davies
Hannah Rees Phillips
Levi Peter Reese & Anna Reece Castle Gate, Carbon, UT Robin Reese
Mark Reese
Rice, Alfred Jr. 14 Oct 1893 Belper, Derbysh., Eng. Hannah Viola Wallace Alfred Rice & Sarah Jane Cooper Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Richards, Walter 17 Apr 1894 Bullionville, Lincoln, Nevada Lottie Ellen Twitchelll Peter Adolphus Richard &Mary Frances Thornton Minersville, Beaver, UT  
Rizzuto, Antonio 24 Jun 1895 Italy Cathirene Olivero / Catarina Frank Rizzulo & Mary Selfa Price, Carbon, UT  
Rollins, Orson H. 4 Jan 1871 South Jordan, Salt Lake, UT Arley Iona McKendrick Orson Hyde Rollins & Ingra Fidelia Bengtsson Price, Carbon, UT  
Rowe, Theodore 27 Feb 1901 Hyattville, Kansas Letha Galsin James Richard Rowe & Viola Herron Mt. Olivet Cem., SLC, UT  
Ryu, K.W. No Death Certificate - possibly same as You, K.W. 1872   single   Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Sanders, Harry 13 Sep 1913 (1903) Rifle, CO Rea Pollock Orville E. Sanders & Ethel Edminis Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Sanders, Orville E. 5 Dec 1881 Clinton, Missouri Ethel Edminis Robert Sanders & Cola Turley Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Sanders, Orville R. 23 yrs old Rifle, Colorado Ruby Etta Clark Orville E. Sanders & Ethel Edminis Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Sargetakis, Joseph ( Stamates) or Steve Sargetakis 1884 Crete, Greece Despina Vasilakis F? Sargetakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Saris, Sam (Stamates Saridakis) abt 35 (15 Sep 1889 on NAT record) Crete, Greece Liza Clark / Eliza M. John Saris & Frida Sarakakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Seely, Mell abt 4- Mt. Pleasant, UT unknown Moroni & Alice Seeley Mt. Pleasant, UT  
Shurtleff, George 11 Jul 1864 New England Mary Ann Davis unknown Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Simpson, Clarence 18 Mar 1904 Tankersley, Yrkshir, England Ethel Harriet Balser Horace Simpson & Laura Annie Bruck Castle Gate, Carbon, UT Melanie Coffee or
Kathy Stringham
Simpson, Horace 26 Mar 1880 Swinton, Yorks, England Laura Annie Bruck Edward Simpson & Harriette Chappel Castle Gate, Carbon, UT Melanie Coffee or
Kathy Stringham
Slovenski, John Jr. (Slavensky) 8 May 1904 Castle Gate single John & Mary Slovenski Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Sluga, George 19 Apr 1886 Austria Matilda Lager
Matilda Torsik
not known Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Smith, Henry Eugene 29 Jan 1894(1893) Meadow, Millard, Utah Ardith Barney Prince Henry Smith & Katrina Birgitta Sonberg Spring Glen, Carbon, UT  
Smith, Oren Clifford 5 Nov 1898 Meadow Creek, Millard, UT Lillian Foster Prince Henry Smith & Katrina Birgitta Sonberg Spring Glen, Carbon, UT  
Smith, Tony Mia 12 Nov 1902 Aspen, Colorado single Tony Castello Smith & Mary Kotchivei Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Spendall, Tony 1 Jan 1889 Hamburg, Germany HattieIngle John Spendall Provo, Utah  
Spyridakis, Stylianos (Spiridakis) or Steve Speros 35 yrs old Crete, Greece single Dermetros Speros & Erme Makridakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Stapley, Leland C. 17 Apr 1896 Kanarraville, Iron, UT Florence Vera Schoenfeld James Steele Stapley & Harriet Louisa Berry City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, SL, UT Robyn Stapley
Stavranakis, Eli (Elepheros Stavraenoudakis) abt 31 Greece Zoy Koummandakis unreadable Price, Carbon, UT  
Stavrianoudakis, Theros (Theodores Stavoenoadakis) about 35 (2 Jan 1885 on NAT record) Kalamitsi, Crete, Greece (on NAT record) single Geo Stavros & Arfrin Genderakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Steffanos, Mike P. 33 yrs old Greece single Pete Steffon & Georgia Prunci Mt. Olivet cemetery, Salt Lake City, UT  
Stevens, Ben 14 Sep 1896 Orderville, Kane, UT married / Freda L. Charles Franklin Stevens Sr. & Olive Emily DeMille Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Salt Lake City, UT  
Tagliabue, Geo (Giuseppe) 1881 Italy Pacifica Baretti Benedetto Tagliabue & Josephine Obessio Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Takeuchi, Tom about 42 Japan Mine Takagi   City Cemetery, Salt lake City, UT  
Tellerico, Joe 20 May 1882 Italy LevisaTeresa Manchine Nick & Francisca Tellerico Price, Carbon, UT  
Thomas, Benjamin F. Jr. 5 Aug 1875 Merthyr, Tydfil, So. Wales Virzilla Rees Benjamin F. Thomas & Bridget Thomas Wales, Sanpete, Utah  
Thomas, Jonathan Midgley 16 Feb 1887 Wales, Sanpete, UT Sarah Elizabeth Anderson Henry Richards Thomas & Mary Killip Midgley Wales, Sanpete, Utah  
Thorpe, John 23 Jun 1879 New Mills, Derbyshire, England Eva Hall Joseph Hall & Jane Thorpe Scofield, Carbon, UT  
Trow, Thomas (same headstone as Peter Garroch) 1890 Gate Head, Scotland Bertha Beaumont (Meir) James Trow & Isabella Garroch Castle Gate, Carbon, UT Marty Oakeson
Tsouroupakis, George 29 in 1920 Crete, Greece single Mike Tsourpis Price  
Tyrer, Matthew 5 Aug 1888 (1887) Roseburge, England Mary Ellen Smith Tyre, Thomas & Riding Elizabeth Castle Gate - moved to Price, Carbon, UT 1940  
Ungricht, Orson 16 Apr 1888 Murray, Salt Lake, UT Emma Neilson / Erma Friedrich Wilhelm Ungricht & Anna Bachofener Price, Carbon, UT Steven Ungricht.
Virganelakis, Kanakis 25 yrs old Greece single John Vergis & Estolia Livrodites Price, Carbon, UT  
Watanabe, Yasuzo 47 yrs old Japan single   Price, Carbon, UT  
Williams, Raymond A. 2 May 1891 (1892) Kanarraville, Iron, UT Malinda Ann Williams John H. Williams & Susannah Elizabeth Pollock Cedar City, Utah  
Willis, Ed 38 yrs old Springfield, Ill married - dispute / Cora   Castle Gate  
Wilson, George - (died in mine rescue) 21 Feb 1891
6 Mar 1895
Almy, Uinta, Wyoming Mary Ellen Moss Alexander Wilson & Isabella Law Price, Carbon, UT Liz McCleery Fullerton
Wood, Adley Asha 6 Jul 1892 Kanarraville, Iron, UT Ratie May Balser Henry Elisha Wood & Martha Eliza Babcock City Cemetery, Salt Lake City Suzanne Love
You, K.W. 45 yrs old Korea married unknown Castle Gate, Utah  
Young, James Mouter Jr.- (boarder with Neil Perkins) 29 Oct 1902 Castle Gate, UT single James & Lottie Richards Young Sr. Castle Gate, Carbon, UT Carl Henderson
Yum, S.C. 50 in 1924 Korea single   Castle Gate, Carbon, UT  
Zagarakis, Emmanuel 25 yrs old Crete, Greece single Constantine Zagerakis & Patine Sargatakis Price, Carbon, UT  
Zakariondakis, Paul (Zakaria) about 33 Kalamitci, Crete, Greece single Immanuel Zakaris & Argiro Mplazakas Price, Carbon, UT  
Zanis, Mike 31 yrs old Crete, Greece Della Stevens Gust. Zanis & Annie Kasamakis Price, Carbon, UT  

Jim Dellas

Jim Dallas (s/b Jim Dellas) is the great grandfather of Peter Dellas and the husband of Caliope. His last name was spelled Jim Dellas in the United States but is actually Dimitrios Aggelakis in Greece. He went by the name of Jim Dellas because of his strength. The term Dellas means strong and Jim is commonly substituted for Dimitrios. After the death of her husband in the Castle Gate mine explosion his wife Caliope carried the Dellas name to honor him. In the Price cemetery it is listed as Delakis. He had two sons, Peter & George, and a daughter, Mary. His wife was one of the four widows who chose to return to Crete, Greece after the accident.

Information about Jim Dellas received from
Peter Dellas.

Additional information about Jim Dellas

Dimitrios Angelakis, listed as Jim Dallas on the Castle Gate list, was my grandfather. His oldest son George Dellas (1919-2000) was my father. I was born in the USA with the name Katherine Dellas but I now live in Greece and when I got my Greek identity papers they used the name Angelakis-Dellas, which was how my father was listed in the village register.

My grandmother's name Calliope, should be spelled with two "Ls", as it is spelled both in Greek and in English. My older sister is named Calliope after our grandmother.

The official transliteration of Angelakis to English must be spelled Angelakis, based on the rules the Greek government uses for transliterating Greek names to English on Greek passports (the double gamma in Greek in pronounced "ng").

"The Dellas name was the nickname of his father and him, known as "Ntelis" in Crete. This is a Cretan dialect word of Turkish origin, which means a tough, brave, strong man. Another Angelakis got his mail, so Dimitris, known as Jim in English, started using his nickname and actually spelled it Delis at first."

Calliope's last name became Angelakis when she married, but because the children were born in the USA, their birth certificates had the last name Dellas. I have her Greek passport with which she returned to Crete with the name Angelakis. She did not use the name Dellas but her children did. After the death of her husband in the Castle Gate mine explosion his widow Calliope took her three orphaned children and returned to Crete in 1927."

Additional information about Jim Dellas received from Katherine Dellas

Michael Camperides

Michael Camperides died in the Castle Gate coal mine explosion. He was survived by his wife, Koula, and his three children, Michael, Evanthea, and Katerina. They returned to their hometown of Hania, Crete, Greece after the disaster for many years. Koula Camperides and her brother Michael eventually made it back to USA and settled in New York City. Koula passed away in a gas explosion in 1980 and her brother passed away a few years back of natural causes. Their sister Evanthea still lives in Hania, Crete.

Information about Michael Camperides received from Manny Korkodilos

Josiah Steward

The name of Josiah Steward appears on the Castle Gate LDS church records with the notation "died in mine explosion 8 Mar 1924". His name does not appear on other lists of those who died in the explosion.

Tony Pirpinis (Pirpinakis)

Tony Pirpinis (Pirpinakis) in Utah was engaged to be married. Unfortunately for him his fiancee found another man more prosperous and she returned all the jewelry he had given her. He was so broken up he took it and threw it into the firplace, pulled out his six shooter and shot into the burning jewelry and broke down sobbing. On March 8, 1924 he was one of 185 casualties of the Castle Gate, Utah mine disaster. Fate was cruel. he was from Vafe and came on the same ship with John Paitakis. They had worked together. copied from "The Paitakis Family Genealogy" written by Stephen J. Paitakis in possession of the Carbon County Historical Society page 11-12.

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Rescuers of the Castle Gate Mine Explosion

Sun Advocate - 14 March 1924

...Carbon County has cause to feel proud of the spirit exhibited by these workers, who forced their way into the gases and brought the dead out to where they could be reached by the stretcher crews. The personel of the crews is given as:

Clear Creek - H.H. Norgard, F. rady, George Allred, O. Peterson, George Cook, Dick Evans.

Mohrland No. 1 - J. Bohnet, H.A. Reese, G. W. Barker, H.E. Draper, Henry Depreese.

Hiawatha No. 1 - W. Burt, L. Ungerman, C. Walker, -- Hanson, J. Ramage, -- Wilkinson.

Hiawatha No. 2 - Orson Rowley, Tom Charter, P.M. O'Hollem, M. Leamaster, James Nielson.

Hiawatha No. 3 - Milton Butte, L. O. Shervick, F. Fitzgerald, C. A. Commons, George Dunham.

Hiawatha No. 4 - William Gilmore, Thomas McMillan, George Morgan, Ed Gordon, Joe Paleski.

Hiawatha No. 5 - G. R. Watkins, F. Anderson, R. W. Cullum, C. E. Clements, W. E. McArthur.

Mutual - Thomas Marker, David Muir, William Hamilton, A. S. Shaw, John Anderson, Elmer Johnson.

Utah Mine - E. Lloyd, Charles Doreous, James Birch, E. D. Smith, Wayne King.

Columbia - D. McLatchie, F. Meyick, E. J. Stiers, F. M. Stevens, Ben Hansen, F. R. McConnell.

Sunnyside - D.L. Parmley, J. S. Hunson, D. S. Crawford, James Wilson, M. Edmunston, J. Westfield.

Rolapp - G. Mayor, Bill Jones, E. A. Chatlin, W. H. Leiter, T. Orvell, Emil Hanson, Bill Lines, John McLaughlin, T. Leger, R. Fairman.

Kenilworth No. 1 - G. B. Jackson, C. L. Leavitt, H. B. Myers, A. J. Butte, W. S. Mansson, J. R. Roaf, William Cox.

Kenilworth No. 2 - E. Lloyd, E. D. Smith, D. Wylde, James Birch, R. W. Cullem.

Standardville - Fred James, Walter Knox, Mell Lewis, Wallis Hight, John Julliano, Ray Westwood, James Rasmusson.

Wattis No. 1 - L. Krebs, - - Pintus, A. P. Demick, W. A. Engel, J. R. Bird

Wattis No. 2 - H. T. Milton, J. C. Bell, C. R. Erickson, - - Fallows, Earl Stevenson.

Winter Quarters No. 1 - Monty Harvey, Henry Wilcox, Samuel Robertson, Allred Newren, Sam England.

Winter Quarters No. 2 - John Stone, Bob Middleton, George Simpson, W. J. Craig, Thomas Biggs.

Castle Gate - James Thorpe, - - Buffmyer, Carl Shoenfelt, William Babcock, Emery Ward.

Storrs - Dave Brown, J. Sullivan, C. H. Hasmyer, - - Phillips, James Readford.

Peerless - L. W. Clark, O. C. Richert, A. W. Effinger, M. E. Butler, A. Barnes.

Scofield - Joe Seaton, B. Newren, W. Bell, A. Marta, George Pearson, M. Rasmussen.

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