Photographs of Helper

These photographs have been reduced in size to about 1 1/2 inch x 1 inch to save space on the server and thus making it possible to add even more photographs for each area. If you see a photograph here that you would like a larger picture of e-mail Kathy Hamaker. I'd be happy to e-mail you the photo file so you can print it out on your computer. If you have any photographs in your possession that you would like to donate I'd be happy to add them to the webpage. Please do not ask me to send you all the photos in my collection. It isn't going to happen but I would be happy to send you five or six photos. With your mouse point to the picture you want and the photo file name should appear in a title box. Send me the file names for the photos you want or a description of the photo and I'll do my best to reply quickly. Thank you for your help.

Jack Kirkham Collection

Balanced Rock - June 27, 1929
Gordan Richardson and friends had just put up a steel drum on top of the flag pole he had put there earlier. This rock can be seen north of Helper or west of Martin.

Harry E. Chambers Collection

D & R. G.W.R.R. engine - conductor Harry E. Chambers and fireman Charles McNamara
Harry E. Chambers home in Helper - 1915
Helper - Y.M.C.A.
Helper, Carbon Co., Utah - about 1915

Marco Scavo Collection

An overview of the town of Helper. If you have any idea about when it was taken please contact Marco Scavo. Thank you.    

Kathy Hamaker Collection

Historic Helper Mainstreet in 1983
Class in front of Helper Central School
The Western Mining and Railroad Museum - built in 1914 as the Helper Hotel. The building was later purchased by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad to house their crews. In 1982 it was purchased by Helper City to be used as a museum.
Service Station built by Giolotti, Italian block mason of native stone.
Helper City Hall, photo taken 22 May 2006
United States Post Office in Helper, photo taken 22 May 2006

Charlotte Hamaker Collection

This image of Helper Utah's Balanced Rock was taken from the Sally Mauro Elementary with an Olympus SLR 35mm camera mounted on a high-power telescope in 1988.    

Ralph P. Anderson Collection

An overview of Helper showing the railroad tracks, homes and the main street through Helper.    

Newspaper, calendars and Postcards Collection

This photo was copied from the Helper Journal. It appeared in the newspaper shortly after the Diamantis Club had caught fire and burned.
The Helper School House copied from the Helper Journal -3 Jun 1909

This photo was copied from the Helper Journal - 27 Aug 1964 when the Helper Central Elementary school burned to the ground. Click here for more information about the fire.

This photo of Railroad Street in Helper is scanned from a postcard postmarked October 1910. Postcard published by Broken Dollar Store Co.

Steam Electic Bldg., Helper, Utah, color by The Taylors, Dist. by Taylor Color Consultants, Published by Eastern Utah Tobacco Co., - Price, Utah

Martinelli Motel, north entrance of Helper, Utah, off Hwys. 50 & 6, 99 North Main, 14 deluxe units, steam heat, showers. Some kitchenettes. Plenty of free parking. Card published by Lynx Products, Salt Lake City 15, Utah

Barboglio Building Helper Main Street
This building was built in 1907 by Joe Barboglio. He made all the cement blocks used in its construction. The building housed a small store and saloon downstairs and a hotel upstairs. This store also housed the first office of the Helper State Bank organized in 1910 by Mr. Barboglio. (Description and photo scanned from historical calendar created by Carbon County.)

Inside the roundhouse
Railroad employees are shown inside the Roundhouse in Helper, which belonged to the D&RGW railroad. The engines and cars were brought inside to be repaired and had the turntable to turn the engines around. (Description and photo scanned from historical calendar created by Carbon County.)

Malcolm Howard Collection
Visit Malcolm Howard Photography for more of his photos.

This photo is of the mountain called Steamboat Mountain near Helper, Utah. The Balanced Rock sits on the ledge near the top of this mountain.
Helper City Post Office taken from outside.
Helper City Post Office interior.
Helper City Post Office interior.
Helper City Post Office interior.
Helper City Post Office interior mural.
Helper Civic Auditorium was erected in 1936 by Scott and Welch Architects from Salt Lake City. The building is still used today for meetings, dinners, weddings and carnivals. It also houses the Helper Public Library.

"Helper on Parade" Collection

These photographs were extracted from a movie newsreel entitled "Helper On Parade", which was sponsored by local businesses in Helper and produced by Blacke Screen Service sometime in the 1930s. Thanks to Ernie Cima and Geri Turnbull for locating video copies of the newsreel, and to Don Butler for extracting the still images from the video."

Blue Hill Dairy - Raw, pasturized milk, cream.
Carbon Rubber and Repair Co., Shell gas station
Helper Central School
Helper Central School
Helper Central School
Helper Junior High School
Helper Junior High School
Helper Police Car
The drum or the Helper Junior High School Band
Martinelli Garage
Ricci Market
Success Market
Wasatch Conoco Gas Station
Two men standing in front of the pumps of the Wasatch Conoco Gas Station

Emma West Collection

It is believed that the photo is of Virginia Neuteboom's class in Helper or Wattis in about 1927-29. If anyone has any other information about the photos please e-mail Emma West or Kathy Hamaker.

It is believed that they are of Virginia Neuteboom's class in Helper or Wattis in about 1927-29. If anyone has any other information about the photos please e-mail Emma West or Kathy Hamaker.

The photograph was taken in Helper in about 1927-29. Second from the left is Virginia Neuteboom. Other individuals are possibly other school teachers. If anyone has any information about the photos please e-mail Emma West or Kathy Hamaker.

George D. Kelly. Collection

Aerial photo of the north side of Balanced Rock taken in 2005 by Boyd Young of Brigham City, UT.

Aerial photo of the north side of Balanced Rock taken in 2005 by Boyd Young of Brigham City, UT.

Aerial photo of the north side of Balanced Rock taken in 2005 by Boyd Young of Brigham City, UT.

Aerial photo of the north side of Balanced Rock taken in 2005 by Boyd Young of Brigham City, UT.

Michelle Harden Collection

This is a group of musicians that traveled all over but were from Helper, or Price. If you can identify any of the individuals in the photo please contact Michelle Harden. Click on the picture for a larger image.

Patricia Thayer Muno. Collection

Minnie Estella Thompson (1880-1922) and Richard Lee Rogers (1858-1950) and family. It is believed Minnie Estella Thompson and her sister Maud Thompson is whom the Minnie Maud Creek was named. see Minnie Maud
Minnie and Richard Rogers with sons (left) James Dosier Rogers (1898-1954) and (right) Leonard B. Rogers (1900-).
Richard Lee Rogers (1858-1950) with sons Richard LeRoy Rogers (1909-1984) and Leonard B. Rogers (1900- )
Richard LeRoy Rogers (1909-1984) age 4.
Interior of Richard Rogers butcher shop, Helper Utah.
Closeup of Richard Rogers in butcher shop, Helper Utah.    

Ernie Cima Collection

Nighthawk Band - L to R: Leo Leonard, violin; Mrs. Beebe, piano; Clair Leonard, drums; Lee Leonard, trumphet; Emmett Leonard, Saxophone; Cal Jewkes, trombone; Geo Hawkins, clarinet; Clasen Hawkins, clarinet; Bob Carmoni, banjo.

Eldon Miller Collection

The following photos have been donated by Eldon Miller to the Carbon County Historical Society and the Carbon County UTGenWeb webpage. These photographs have been donated to Eldon Miller by many different sources. If you donated them to Eldon and would like your name to accompany the photograph please e-mail Kathy Hamaker and I'll add it. Special thanks goes to Michael Francis for scanning the photographs so they could be added to the webpage.

Helper Central School, built in 1908 & 1909 and burned on 27 Aug 1964
Large group of people in front of the Railroad YMCA building in Helper.
Non denominational chapel built by the Denver and Rio Grande railroad in 1899
A baseball game at the Helper Ball Park.
A photo of the arch that covered main street in Helper. The sign read, " Welcome to Helper, center of Utah's coal industry.
Congregation standing around the Catholic Church in Helper.
Overview photo of Helper taken in the early years.
Railroad YMCA building
Aireal view of Helper
The city of Helper in the very early days.
Mainstreet in Helper in the very early days.
Mechanic standing in front of the service station. The signs read, "Service One Stop Station" and "automotive electricians". Workmens Market can be seen behind the station.
Gioletti's gas station
Large group of people gathered in the park celebrating.
A man walking down the train tracks at Helper
Greek immigrant, Angelo Peperakis, in Greek custom clothes. Angelo and his wife, Helen owned a boarding house in Hiawatha for some years and he served as "sheriff" of Hiawatha. He and his wife had five children, Mary, John, Angelina, Irene and Peter. Angelo later owned a farm near Price. His son John was the manager of the Sunnyside mine for many years. Information received from a grandson, Peter Katsufrakis.

Walt Borla Collection

Larry Hribar score board - score 0 to 0 in the first inning.
Larry Hribar score board - score 0 to 0 in the first inning.
Behind the home plate at the baseball field in Helper.
In Center field looking toward home plate.
Entrance to the Helper Ball Park, Gardner field.
Standing on third base looking towards the home plate.
Walt Borla and Tony Tonc dressed and ready to play ball.
Walt Borla practicing his swing.
1955 Mutual Furniture Baseball Team
Front row: Gus Liapis (bat boy), Bob Fazzio, Dick Fazzio, Tom Rasmussen, John Bradley, John Giannini, Steve Neviare, Art Basinich
Back row: Harry Liapis (coach) ,Paul Liapis, Keith Chiara, Eddie Ellis, Vic Picaotti, Fred Kirkwood, Blak Malencik, Ronald Fazzio, Walt Borla (manager), missing: Gary Hinrions

Debbie Pavlos Collection

Helper Junior High School - 9th grade 1937-1938
Front row #1, left to right: Bill Martell, Bill Sulpizio, Jack Dyet, Burrell Porter, John Amano, Carl Eaquinta, Jack Williams, Jack Strong
row #2: Camillio Picorelli, Sam Pavlos, Art Nickas, Johnny Perry, Frank Magliocco, Eugene Tomsic, Burton Davis, Sam Rachele, Frank Sporcich, Elmo Turcasso, Wayne Johnson
row #3: Peggy Flynn, Teacher, Kayo Hayakawa, Evelyn Bonacci, Margaret Winkelreid, Ruth Bernardi, Nelsene Crandall, Katherine Diamanti, Mary Breznick, Eleanor Quilico, Marilyn Wible
row #4: George Galanis, Helen Sluga, Elizabeth Mutz, Elizabeth Makris, Jana Fabrizio, Betty Karterakis, Rosaleen Barker, Alice Colton, Carinda Eaquinta, Marjorie Lawly, Lagene Dennis, Vera Paletta, Reggie Williams, Louis Rauzi
row #5: Unknown, Enis Busato, Emmett Barker, Leola Lemons, Louis Dalpiaz, Joe Prezel, Art Ray, Arco Poloni, Tom Apostol, Angelo Venturelli, Julius Spigarelli, Jim Mullins, Claude Magann, Art Kissamitakis, Unknown
Helper Junior High, 1938-1939, 10th grade.
Back row: Dick Ricci, Mary ?, Margaret Winkelreid, Vera Paletta, Carol Mackey, Alice Colton, Carinda Eaquinta, Jana Fabrizio, Rosaleen Barker, Louis Rauzi, Emil Sulpizio, Vern Black
Middle row: Burrell Porter, Teacher Catherine Street, Cherry Okura, Katherine Diamenti, Ruth Bernardi, Eleanor Quilico, Maddin Mayo, Louise Grecco, Margaret Ratliff, Edna Black, Lester Stanley, William Martell
Front row: John Perry, Frank Magliocco, Tony Pecharich, Elmo Turcasso, Frank Sporcich, Dean Winters, Eugene Tomsic, Louis Dalpiaz, Joe Perez ( Jose Montes), Spiro (Sam) Pavlos, Kaya Hayakawa, Pete Amano, Kenneth McConnell
1929-1930 Helper Central Elementary School. Sam Spiro Pavlos first grade class. Art Nickas is third from the left in the front row.
Three local Helper boys, Sam Spiro Pavlos (Pavlidakis), Bill Crissman and unknown in the Fort Douglas Citizens Military Camp in July 1940. Sam Pavlos grew up in a house at 225 North Main Street next to the home of Ed, Minnie, Olive & Lucy Richeda and their family bakery.
This picture appears to be an all-star baseball team. Photo was taken in the 1940's and the players are standing in front of the Carbon College. The players are wearing a variety of teams uniforms. If anyone has any details of the photo or knows the names of the players please e-mail Kathy Hamaker
1939 photo of the inside of the American Bakery which was next door to the home at 225 N. Main in Helper. Pictured on the left is Helen Pavlidakis (Pavlos) who worked at the bakery before she married Tom Soter in 1941. On the right is Ed Richeda the owner and operator of the American Bakery which was attached to his home.
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