Helper City, Carbon County, Utah Cemetery Records

Mountain View Cemetery

Special thanks is given to Helper City for making these records available to be put online. If you have any questions concerning this database please contact Kathy Hamaker. Thank you for visiting.

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Occupant's Name
at Death
at Birth
Burial date
CLot351 (NOT SOLD)      
ELot351455(Unknown) Possibly Occ.       
A1351714Abbott, Addie       
E1351714Abbott, B. Rhoda       
B1351714Abbott, N. Bertha       
B1351 Abbott, Robert Albert       
C1351714Abbott, W. Louis1960     
D272508Abplanalp, C. Thomas1973         
E3112302Abplanalp, Charles1969         
F3112302Abplanalp, L.W. Wanda           
A2351121Abrom, E Bennie1949     
G 8331493 Aguilar, C Salvador1972     
Y8331493Aguilar, Virginia1982     
F83310Aiello, Mary1965     
F1302596Aiello, Pete1984         
C83310Aiello, Tony      
H83310Aiello, Wyona1969     
B252204Aime, D. John1955        
H212166Aime, Evelyn         
C252204Aime, F. Terresa1954         
C83310Airalli, Jim1940     
E83310Albi, Mary      
E1172248Albo, Dominic1957         
F83310Albo, Fedele      
F1172248Albo, Rose01/26/1998S.L.C. Ut.02/06/1910Green Rv Ut01/31/1998  
E83310Albo, Tony      
H3413---Alderson, James       
F4202383Alderson, Mable (Crem.)1985         
YI3311611Alexander, R Jennifer1977     
F3282421Alger, M. Jack1976         
E3282421Alger, P. James1969         
E4132164Allison, Alice 11/05/1998SLC. Ut.??????11/10/1998 
F4132164Allison, Catherine       
F3311221Allison, C Clementina      
F4242415Allison, H. Glayds1979         
H4132164Allison, M. Zina1952         
G3311121Allison, Robert1947     
E4242415Allison, S. Alexander1969         
E2333---Allred, Helen       
B33110Allred, Pauline      
D331151Ambroso, Francisco      
C331151Ambroso, Marie (Mary)      
FLotBlk3822Anderson, Adrian01/10/1988Price Ut07/03Ephm. Ut01/13/1988 
C2372802Anderson, Aldon1984         
ELotBlk3822Anderson, Alice10/25/1992Helper Ut04/21Manti Ut10/28/1992 
FLotBlk31274Anderson, Archie11/18/1991Price Ut06/23/Scofld Ut11/21/1991 
H33110Anderson, L. Edward1955     
D372392Anderson, L. Sybil1972         
BLot Blk31308Anderson, Lawrence 03/06/1994Helper Ut07/30/1922Scofld Ut03/10/1994 
D331127Anderson, Margaret1973     
C372392Anderson, Marion1968         
G564153Anderton, Phyllis1972     
 564153Anderton, Ray      
Z4621321Andia, Frank1965     
A1131260Andreini, Antoinette       
E1292473Andreini, Eugenio1973         
D4252307Andreini, Clede1986         
B1131260Andreini, Rudolph       
F1292473Andreini, Rosa1973         
C4252307Andreini, Ruth01/02/1997Helper Ut01/29/1916Sunysd. Ut01/06/1997 
Z14010Andrezzi, Fred      
C14010Andrezzi, Johnny      
D14010Andrezzi, Joseph      
A2401387Andrezzi, Paul08/19/1995Price Ut08/18/1930 08/23/1995 
X14010Andrezzi, Peter Charles 1929NOTES   (POSSIBLY)
B24010Andrezzi, Rose1979     
A14010Andrezzi, V. Joseph      
G559131Angotti, A. Anthony      
E559131Angotti, Frank1980     
C559131Angotti, Pete1983     
F559131Angotti, T. Rachella1957     
C55910Annie Baby      
D5591243Anselmi, Battista      
C5591243Anselmi ,Julia1957     
D559172Anselmi, Mike      
D559187Antonio, A Anna      
C559187Antonio, Antonio1977     
E55910Antonio, E Stevano(notes)     (Come Frank)
G5591173Aperges, Anthony (Tony)1967     
H5591173Aperges, B Lena1952     
F55910Aquila, John      
E329 2211Archer C. Harold1955         
X636165Archuletta, Dan's Child      
B1212279Ariotti, Albina           
F3502???Ariotti, E.R. Margaret           
F6361846Ariotti, Hanna07/01/1990Price Ut02/14 07/03/1990 
G636133Ariotti, Infant1950     
E6361846Ariotti, Remo1986     
A1212279Ariotti, Rocco1960         
E3502???Ariotti, Rochion1996         
ELotBlk3 Armstrong, Helen01/08/2001Helper Ut 11/19/1948Price Ut01/13/2001 
C4403---Alderson, James       
D51616Ashton, A Carrie1966     
FLotBlk 3  Atwood, James           
B4283---Atwood, Marilyn       
G516 151Aulbach, Gemma10/14/1995S.L.C. Ut09/21/1932 10/17/1995 
B51610Ausenick, John      
H51610Ausenick, Mary      
B122N FAzzolin, John04/01/1961  3-6-1883Italy   

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